Membership – Gentle Yoga Classes

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Rise & Shine yoga classes

Joints & Nerves
Side Bends
Inner & Outer Hip
Hip/Ankle Mobility & Strengthening
Exploring Balance
Active & Passive Lower Body Practice
Feet, Ankles & Hamstrings
Hips & Shoulders
Shoulder Mobility
Heart Opening Practice
Low Back & Hips
Gluts & Hamstring Focus
Shoulder Girdle Mobilization
Heart Openers
Setting a Morning Ritual
Viloma Breathing – focus on inhalation
Active vs Passive Stretching – Lower Body
Square Breathing Exercise
Movements of the Hip
Spinal Movements
Essential Postures
Gentle Practice for the Nervous System
Outer Hip & Glut 0 – 15 min, Joint Mobility 15 – 30 min, Standing Warrior 30 – 45 min, Floor Work – 45 – 60 min
Spinal Flexion & Extension
Movement for side and spiral lines of the body
Mindfulness Meditation & Spinal Movements
Moving Meditation & Bee Breathing
Side Bending for Increased Rib Mobility
Practice for Well being over Ego
Side Lying Rib cage Breathing
Breath of Joy Practice
Shoulder & Neck Care
Unwind and Refresh
Low Back & Shoulder Care
Cross Body Movements to Stimulate the Brain
Improve Your Balance