copyright wanda koch photography
copyright wanda koch photography

I began the practice of yoga after the birth of my son at the recommendation of a friend. My posture was horrible as I held and nursed him, and I was experiencing back and neck pain.  At first I practiced for pain relief, then stress relief, a place of solitude, or me time.  We wear many hats or labels…new mom, wife, daughter, friend, caregiver, employee…but on my yoga mat there were no roles to play.  I could be myself and focus on self care and self love.  As I continued to practice, it was fun to try to “master” the next pose. I had more strength than flexibility, so I muscled my way into arm balances and inversions, favoring a hot or power flow class.

Over time, as my kids grew, my practice changed.  I still love an invigorating flow class, but I also appreciate slowing down to fine tune my alignment in a pose, spend time holding the posture so I can get deeper into the tissues, making my yoga practice one of mindfulness, incorporating breathe work, meditation and deep relaxation.  The internal practice of yoga can be just as if not more significant than the external one.

As my children get older, I hope to feel good in body, mind, and spirit as I continue to live a fulfilled vital life.  Yes, standing on your head or hands can be impressive (a fun party trick) and exhilarating, but what about doing what you love with those you love for as long as possible without limitations!

Share, inspire and let your inner light shine,


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