I specialize in working with students who have musculoskeletal pain…pain that affects the muscles, tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones, as well as the psychological effects of living with chronic pain…stress, anxiety, and depression. In over a decade of teaching I’ve had numerous clients find that yoga has improved some of their symptoms. They have seen a decrease in their pain response, anxiety and stress level, an increase in mobility, flexibility, strength and balance, and experience a more restful nights sleep.

While creating this website (my first), I was assisted by WordPress technical support.  I noticed on one email, after the person’s name was their job title, “Happiness Engineer”.  Couldn’t we all use a Happiness Engineer, and not just for website construction!  It got me to thinking, when someone asks me what I do, I usually answer, “Yoga teacher”.  If they are not yogis themselves, they usually think I spend my day showing students how to twist into pretzels and balance on their hands or head.  But, yoga is not just about the physical, the shapes you make with your body.  There is so much more you can gain from the practice, if you are open to receiving.  I think from now on when someone asks me what I do, I will answer, “I am a Wellness Engineer”.  This is a more suitable description of how yoga can give you the capacity to live a fulfilled life at any age!

As your “Wellness Engineer“. My approach is to utilize different styles of yoga – Viniyoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  I have taken extensive training and specialty certifications to enable me to work safely with people with injuries, limitations, and other health complications.

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Recently my group of local and out-of-town family and friends were both excited and delighted to attend a private Bliss Yoga session led by instructor Michele Schmidt on the morning before our daughter’s wedding. Michele was able to secure the perfect outdoor spot, brought plenty of her extra mats, blocks, and straps, provided us with refreshing water and invigorated us all with an incredible 1+ hour-long yoga practice! Michele has always been one of my very favorite yoga instructors with her clear and easy to follow instructions and individual positioning adjustments as necessary. She led us through a peaceful flow and personalized the session to honor my daughter, the bride-to-be with her words and ending prayer. Everyone who attended enjoyed it immensely and thanked me for the jump start to the day! I’m so glad Michele made this session possible – it’s become a tradition with our family weddings to include yoga and was a wonderful part of our weekend of celebrating!

Maureen – Pre-Wedding Outdoor Yoga Class

I love my weekly private yoga sessions with Michele! For sixty minutes, all of her attention is on me – what my body needs at that given moment in time. Whether it be strength, flexibility or balance, Michele skillfully leads me into and out of poses using props to assist as needed. Mixed with her unwavering emphasis on proper alignment and breathing, Michele continues to help improve my practice and has given me that added boost of confidence to get me back into group classes.

Ann – Private Yoga Client

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