I strive to empower people to live happily and fully by integrating a sustainable yoga practice into their daily life.

My intention through my teachings and through this website is to enrich, motivate, and inspire you both on and off of your mat. Keep up to date on all of my public classes, special events, workshops and teacher trainings by viewing my calendar on the offerings and events page.

Often we think of yoga as purely the asana or physical postures, but this is only one petal or branch of what yoga actually encompasses. We do not need a mat, a gym or studio membership, or hardwood floors to practice yoga. It can be done anytime, anywhere. Yoga is when we are kind and compassionate to ourselves and others, when we pause to take a conscious deep breath, when we are present in our lives and the lives of those closest to us. Yoga can be integrated into every aspect of our lives through our thoughts, deeds, and actions.  For steps to live your yoga off of your mat, check back frequently to the Inspiration page…I like to call it “Omwork”.

Share, inspire and let your inner light shine,