Surrender Control

“Jump into your life with your whole heart, trusting that you will fly to God!” Deborah Adele
contentmentThe final step for living your yoga off of your mat is Surrender (Ishvara pranidhana). The focus is on letting go. Sometimes the best way to handle a challenge is to have faith in a higher plan and surrender control. Surrender comes from a place of strength, rather than weakness.
Set aside time this week to practice Shavasana or corpse pose. It is the posture of surrender. There is nothing for us to do. We are asked to just lie there, releasing any tension in our bodies, letting go of effort, and trusting that the breath will come and the body will renew itself. This is one of the most important practices we can do. It is here that we begin to learn the meaning of letting go of all the ways we physically and mentally fight with life.

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