Zoom Group Classes

Gentle Yoga– Monday’s & Wednesday’s at 9am. This class focuses on body awareness, building stability and strength in your muscles and bones, improving balance and coordination. Learn skills for movement that can be integrated into your daily life.

Yoga for Bone Health – 6 week series, starts in January 2023

Online class Pricing

1 Class Pass – $15 – group classes only, not applicable for private sessions

5 Class Pass – $65 – group classes only, not applicable for privates; valid for 3 months

10 Class Pass – $120 – group classes only, not applicable for privates; valid for 4 months

Yoga Therapy – 1 private session – $125 – valid for 3 months

Yoga Therapy – 6 private sessions – $600 – valid for 3 months

In Person Group Classes

Slow Flow Yoga – Tuesday’s & Thursday’s – 10:50 am, Morrison YMCA

Meditation – Friday’s – 12 pm, Sara’s YMCA

Restorative Yoga – Friday’s 12:30 pm, Sara’s YMCA

Registration is required for all classes using YCLT+ app

Yoga for Bone Health

Registration Opens - December 1st                          
6 Week Online Series                                                    Dates:  1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16    
Thursday’s 9 - 10 am ET

Classes via Zoom  
Cost - $225 or register by 12/15/2022 for early bird pricing - $180
Zoom sessions are recorded and available for replay. You will also receive a weekly practice video (approximately 20 minutes in length).

Yoga for Bone Health is adaptable for all abilities and ages. It can improve your balance, body awareness and movement skills which can reduce your risk of falling. Develop healthy feelings of physical strength, self-care and independence.

Week 1 – Body Awareness – Feet, Ankles, Knees, Pelvis
Week 2 – Core of Balance & Strength – Pelvis, Low Back
Week 3 – Strengthening the Upper Back – Rib cage, Shoulders, Chest
Week 4 – Building Strength from the Inside Out

Week 5 – Spinal Rotation

Week 6 – Maintaining Healthy Bones

This a mat and chair based practice which will include yoga postures, breathing exercises, and guided visualization/relaxation techniques.

Email me for details on Private Sessions, Small Group Classes, Corporate Yoga & Meditation


Thank you Michele for another knowledgeable, interesting and very helpful workshop: Posture for Healthy Aging.
This four week course was very detailed and with helpful homework…yes homework: daily exercises of yoga practice for good posture.
More important though were all the suggestions on how to apply the given tools to my lifestyle and implementing the posture changes throughout the day.
I can already feel improvements in my posture or at least I’m very confident I will get better with all the knowledge I’ve gained in this workshop.
This is my second workshop with Michele and I look forward to the next one.

A. Gamba

I recently attended Michele’s Posture for Healthy Aging class and learned that good posture is muscle memory that begins with brain training.  Think of the pelvis as a basin of water, keep the water balanced and in the basin.  Keep your eyes on the horizon and your chin will be parallel to the ground.  These tips for brain training and many more are in Michele’s presentations that are both educational and motivational.  Her suggestions for yoga poses and flows that lead to strengthening and stacking the body are captured well in written flows and videos and provide the tools to place what you learn into practice.  And, these articles are your homework assignments (omwork).  Michele is very knowledgeable in how and why the body reacts as it does and then how to make improvements in flexibility and movements with a yoga practice.  She demonstrates each pose, explains the benefits of the pose, and provides practical suggestions for your improvements in the pose.  And, she does all this with a splash of humor.  Michele is a master of the practice of yoga and an excellent class leader who wants the yogi to achieve the most benefits from his/her efforts.