Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – The word “perfect” kept coming up for me the last few days…at mass on Sunday (in a reading from Matthew), on a college tour (on a white board was the word flawsome which according to the urban dictionary means “an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless”) , it seems as if the universe is trying to speak to me! The definition of perfect has changed over the years. The Greek or Hebrew definition is – healthy, complete, finished, or mature. This is very different from our definition of perfect or perfection today.

View your imperfections as a positive rather than a negative, own up to your mistakes…imperfections cause growth, and laughter. They can lead you to your authentic self…they are things of beauty that empower and build self-esteem.

So this week, when you hear, think, or say the word “perfect” instead of thinking “without flaws” replace that with the original meaning – healthy, complete, finished or mature.tree rings

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