Let Go

holding hands railroad tracksOver the course of a 24 hour day, how many large or small things (objects, people, ideas, labels) are you attached to that are insignificant? Do you have a favorite spot in your yoga, barre, cardio funk, ______class? What would happen if you set up elsewhere? We can drive ourselves crazy being stressed, anxious and worrying about things that don’t matter or that we have little control over.
My husband has a favorite pen. He keeps it in the kitchen on the counter. It frequently “grows legs” and walks off. He gets extremely frustrated when it is not where he left it and he wants to use it. We have lots of pens….in a kitchen drawer, on the counter in a cup, but he wants that ONE pen. Does it write a little smoother or smudge less than the other pens? Maybe, but is it really something to become attached to and stress over?
Your Homwork (I realize its spelled incorrectly) this week is to catch yourself in moments when you are attached to non essential things and practice beginning to let go that which no longer serves you.
I hope to see your smiling face in a different spot in the yoga studio this week!

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