Let Good Experiences Soak In

Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – I started reading a new book, “Hardwiring Happiness” by Dr. Rick Hanson. He explains that our “brain takes its shape from what the mind rests upon.” We tend to take in, hold on to, and replay bad or negative experiences easier than we do the good ones. He says that are brains hold onto the bad like Velcro, and repel the good like Teflon. We need to work to rewire the way the brain works, by slowing down, pausing and letting the good experiences soak in.

The next time you have a good experience (perfect cup of coffee, watching your children/grandchildren play peaceful together, you finish a project you have been putting off, you receive a smile or a thank you), stay with it for a few breaths, use your senses to build a better “mental picture” of how you feel, let the experience fill you before you rush off to something else. We are using so busy thinking and doing we don’t allow time for the experience to integrate into our minds and hearts.

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