Adjust Your Focus…Mono-task

Even though I love books, I’ve been working to add more movement to my days, so I’ve been listening to podcasts while walking and moving more frequently. Last week, I was listening to a 10% Happier podcast where Dan Harris interviewed Anderson Cooper. Anderson was discussing how he, like most people, was constantly multi-tasking. This made him feel overwhelmed, scattered, and something was constantly falling through the cracks. Since he began meditating and becoming more aware and present, he now likes to mono-task, instead of multi-task. Whatever the activity (driving, eating, showering, taking a walk, having a conversation), you are only focusing on it.

What activity will you mono-task today? Think of it as taking a giant spotlight or camera lens, and adjusting it to focus on one thing at a time. Realize that mono-tasking is a learned skill and will take practice. Don’t beat yourself up about getting distracted, it is a natural part of the process.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – Do something outside of your comfort zone today! It does not need to be something big or grand like skydiving. Try a new recipe or restaurant, ask someone for help, learn how to say “no”, request feedback on a project you are working on at home or work, try a new class at the gym, take your walk off of the sidewalk or track and onto the grass or dirt path!

It is okay to be uncomfortable from time to time, both on your yoga mat and off. This is how we learn, grow, and rediscover our deepest self!

“Do one thing every day that scares you”, Eleanor Roosevelt

How did you step out of your comfort zone today? And how did you feel after?

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Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – The word “perfect” kept coming up for me the last few days…at mass on Sunday (in a reading from Matthew), on a college tour (on a white board was the word flawsome which according to the urban dictionary means “an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless”) , it seems as if the universe is trying to speak to me! The definition of perfect has changed over the years. The Greek or Hebrew definition is – healthy, complete, finished, or mature. This is very different from our definition of perfect or perfection today.

View your imperfections as a positive rather than a negative, own up to your mistakes…imperfections cause growth, and laughter. They can lead you to your authentic self…they are things of beauty that empower and build self-esteem.

So this week, when you hear, think, or say the word “perfect” instead of thinking “without flaws” replace that with the original meaning – healthy, complete, finished or mature.tree rings

Savor the Present Moment

Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – Is what you have right now enough? Are you constantly striving for more (monetary rewards, accolades, promotions)?

A group of psychologist conducted a study back in the 80’s on people’s happiness. They were asked to wear a pager. Every time the pager went off, they were to record how happy they were at that moment on a scale of 1-10, and what was going on in their life to account for the feeling. What they found is that people usually recorded a 7. Sometimes it went up or down (promotion at work, marriage,sick friend or relative), but it was only momentary. They routinely lived at a 7.

But our minds are constantly chasing that perfect 10. “If I could just lose another 10 pounds then…If I could take my dream vacation, then…”. Instead of chasing something elusive, live your life as if you are already there, because you are! Practice contentment (samtosha). Contentment does not mean complacency, it means that we savor the present moment!

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