Let Your Inner Light Shine

Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – Press pause on the tape recorder in the mind throughout the day to notice the constant stream of thought. How often is it negative and strongly identifying with the self (I, my, mine). We are hardest on ourselves. This week practice, ahmisa (nonviolence/nonharming), try to minimize negative thoughts towards yourself and others. Set your thoughts on the positive! Let your inner light shine!

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Adjust Your Focus…Mono-task

Even though I love books, I’ve been working to add more movement to my days, so I’ve been listening to podcasts while walking and moving more frequently. Last week, I was listening to a 10% Happier podcast where Dan Harris interviewed Anderson Cooper. Anderson was discussing how he, like most people, was constantly multi-tasking. This made him feel overwhelmed, scattered, and something was constantly falling through the cracks. Since he began meditating and becoming more aware and present, he now likes to mono-task, instead of multi-task. Whatever the activity (driving, eating, showering, taking a walk, having a conversation), you are only focusing on it.

What activity will you mono-task today? Think of it as taking a giant spotlight or camera lens, and adjusting it to focus on one thing at a time. Realize that mono-tasking is a learned skill and will take practice. Don’t beat yourself up about getting distracted, it is a natural part of the process.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Weekly Challenge (Omwork) – Do something outside of your comfort zone today! It does not need to be something big or grand like skydiving. Try a new recipe or restaurant, ask someone for help, learn how to say “no”, request feedback on a project you are working on at home or work, try a new class at the gym, take your walk off of the sidewalk or track and onto the grass or dirt path!

It is okay to be uncomfortable from time to time, both on your yoga mat and off. This is how we learn, grow, and rediscover our deepest self!

“Do one thing every day that scares you”, Eleanor Roosevelt

How did you step out of your comfort zone today? And how did you feel after?

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What is Your Super Power?

Super hero movies are extremely popular. It seems as if Marvel is releasing a new one every month. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Did you know that you already possess one? Your mind has the amazing superpower of time travel! Your thoughts can rewind and travel to the past or fast forward and travel to the future. Think of your mind like a cassette tape (or if you were born in the 21st century an IPod/IPhone), we spend a lot of time rewinding (reliving, ruminating) or in fast forward mode (projecting, fantasizing about the future)…we spend very little time during our day in the present. Make an intention today to press play on the cassette player, to pay attention on purpose.